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Air Conditioning Tips To Stay Cool All Summer Long

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The hot season makes your air conditioner work extra hard. Regular AC maintenance from an HVAC expert plays an important role in beating the heat. Besides, it keeps your unit running efficiently during summer and saves you money. With the help of Southern Aircon & Refrigeration, here are ways to increase comfort, maximize efficiency, save energy, lower utility bills and keep indoors cool.

Contact an HVAC professional

Each unit should be inspected, tuned and cleaned by a bonded, insured and licensed contractor before the hot days of summer begin. A professional tune-up is typically economical.

Check your filters

To ensure peak performance, check your air filter every month and replace it if necessary. This is important, especially during the summer, when allergens and dust circulate. If the filter is blocked, your system will run longer to supply a similar amount of cool air.

Replacing filters is an easy and effective method of saving money and conserving energy and a great way to maintain your system’s health.

Shelter your AC

Keep your air conditioner in the shade. Units with proper shading run more efficiently. In a shaded space, the air is cool, meaning the unit will have an easy time cooling down the temperatures.

Keep your thermostat cool

Do not place TV sets, lamps or other heat-releasing appliances near your thermostat. Thermostats sense the heat, forcing the air conditioner to work harder than necessary. When setting up a thermostat, do not place it in an area where the sun may shine on it.

Touch that dial

Each degree you set below 78 boosts your energy consumption by 8 percent. For instance, if your electricity bill is 100 bucks, you will save 8 dollars for every degree you set above 78.

Consider programmed response

If you often forget to modulate your thermostat, consider investing in a timer or a smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats ensure accurate temperature control.

Replace your HVAC model

Chances are your air conditioning unit is no longer efficient. If so, consider replacing it with an energy-efficient brand.

Though such brands are usually expensive, thanks to competitive prices and federal tax credits, the prices are dropping. And because they consume less energy, you save more in the long run.

Look for a properly sized model. A large unit will cycle on and off, reducing the system’s efficiency.


Cold air should stay in and hot air out. Weatherization can prevent loss of cool air. Seal air leaks using weather stripping or caulking. Insulate air conditioning ducts as well.

Watch the landscape and pavements

Do not landscape with lots of asphalt, cement or rock. If pavements are not shaded, they will radiate heat and increase the temperature.

Check for debris

Keep shrubs, plants and other landscaping away from your outdoor unit to enhance adequate airflow. Clean your system each month to remove leaves and twigs.

Tweak your fans

In the summer, switch your ceiling fans to run anticlockwise. That pushes the cool air down.

Install window film

Installing a window tint or film keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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