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Bathroom Cabinets – Redecorating With Style

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Bespoke custom cabinets are the parts of the décor that will stand out the most in your bathroom, which is why it makes complete sense to pick out the best cabinets to suit your needs between the appearance of the cabinets, functionality and budget. There are many reasons people will shop for new bathroom cabinets including redecoration, replacement as well as adding storage and/or organizational assets to the room. Storage purposes is the most common reason that a homeowner wants to add cabinets but replacement ranges right up there as well.

Storage cabinets are also called linen cabinets. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit with any type of décor no matter where you are shopping. These types of bathroom cabinets will allow for storage of several necessary bathroom items including washcloths, towels, hand towels, soap and bathing accessories and even cleaning supplies. The versatility that a storage/linen cabinet has will amount to be a wonderfully useful addition.

Over the toilet cabinets are great for items that specifically need to be close to the toilet such as sanitary napkins, toilet paper and other accessories that you might require such as magazines or related. Many of those who own a bathroom with little to know space will enjoy an over the toilet bathroom cabinet because it won’t take up any extra room as it simply manipulates the area hosting the toilet! It truly is remarkable as to how often homeowners will pass up a way to redecorate their bathroom because they don’t have the room but with the installation of an over the toilet cabinet they will!

Medicine cabinets are very essential to every bathroom unless it is a tiny half-bath of course. There are two different types of medicine cabinets: recessed and surface mount. Surface mounted models are obvious in their design as they are easily mounted to the surface of a wall, typically above the sink in the bathroom. The recessed design is where the cabinet is built into the wall so this type of bathroom cabinet installation shouldn’t be taken lightly so, unless you know what you’re doing, stick to the surface mounted cabinets instead!

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