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Buyer’s Guide To Leaf Blowers

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When fall season comes that would mean it would be the time again to start cleaning up the falling leaves in the yard. For this type of chore, the most important tool you’d need is a reliable leaf blower. Owning this type of machine can surely save you a lot of time and will make this task a lot easier. Here are the considerations you’d have to put in mind when searching for leaf blowers.

First consideration is you budget. It can be priced as low as only $20 to as high as a thousand dollars. You must evaluate the size of your lawn and the amount of leaves that you usually need to clean up.

Buyer's Guide To Leaf Blowers

Buyer’s Guide To Leaf Blowers

If your lawn is small and you don’t have many trees there then there’s no need to spend a lot on your leaf blower. But however if you want to clean up your own lawn and it’s quite large with lots of trees then you’d need to invest on the professional grade one.

Aside from your budget, choose also the type of power source you’d be more comfortable with. You can choose between electric, battery or gas powered blowers. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

The electric powered blowers are the less expensive type. They weigh less and can just be plugged in an outlet and you can simply use an extension cord. It’s easily stored after use and doesn’t need a lot for its maintenance. The only drawback is that it’s not as powerful if compared to the gas powered ones and the distance you can go with it depends on the length of the extension cord.

Battery powered ones are like the electric leaf blowers as they don’t require as much maintenance as the gas powered ones and they are easy to store. The disadvantage is that when the battery runs out, you’d need to replace it as it runs only as long as the battery can run.

The gas powered version is the most powerful of all types. It goes as a handheld, walk behind and as a backpack leaf blower. The handheld is usually what homeowners use while the backpack is used by lawn professionals and even many homeowners also prefer it. For commercial purposes only, they use the walk behind blowers. What’s not so great about the gas powered leaf blowers is that it requires a lot more maintenance.

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