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Carpet Cleaning Tips To Remove Pet Stains

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Animals are kept as pets for the purpose of companionship and gratification. Pets such as cats and dogs are deemed most popular in many households for their faithful and mischievous distinctiveness, their beautiful dispositions The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or simply because of the way they sound. Studies have also shown that maintaining pets can relay many health-related benefits to their owners; pet owners have lower stress levels, are more patient – they are overall quite happy people.

Pets can also sometimes function as caretakers of one’s property and domiciles.

However, for any upside, there will be a downside as well. One of the less pleasant sides of pet-rearing would be the cleaning of their messes, especially if your pets are bound indoors. Disseminating which unsurpassed products suitable to eliminate pet stains from your carpets especially might require some investigation. Some familiarity with what chemical compounds constitutes pet waste might also assist in selecting the best ways to remove stains. Equipped with enough information, you can now clean up the mess without ruining your carpet’s quality or color.

Sometimes, training young pets such as cats and dogs can be tedious and it is an ongoing process. They leave behind overpowering ‘evidence’, which can be effectively removed if you are able to detect them early.

Here are some tips on how to remove pet stains from your carpet efficiently.

For stains caused by urine, (very common with cats and dogs) simply dispense straight rubbing alcohol on the spot. Rubbing alcohol will eliminate any foul pet odor as all bacteria are destroyed even when the stain has dried.
For urine stains from pets I found that straight rubbing alcohol pour on after soaking up will take out any pet odor because it kills the bacteria that forms in the carpet after it is left to dry.

Another good tip to rid of pet accidents on carpets is to cover the affected area with baking soda. Let the soda rest on the stains for a while, and it will absorb the stains quickly. Once aerated, vacuum the particular area to remove the baking soda.

A tried and tested method of keeping your carpet pristine and free from pet waste is to intersperse white vinegar directly unto it. Let sit a while, and then use a sponge from the center out. Use a dry piece of cloth to blot access waste. If the stains remain, repeat the process, leaving the white vinegar on a little longer.

This next tip has never failed to impress just yet; if your pet vomits on your carpet, first use a rag or paper towel to pick up the residue. Once you have done this, sprinkle a liberal dose of salt on the stain, and cover the whole area with a semi-wet cloth. Leave it be for a few hours and voila! The stains will disappear. This is particularly effective to remove the yellow-tinged bile associated with pet vomit.

If you manage to detect a fresh pet stain, use baby wipes to clean it up immediately. Disposable baby diapers also have excellent absorption powers.

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