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Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

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A cordless screwdriver is also commonly called an electric screwdriver. This tool is a great tool to use for someone that is doing a lot of wood work or dealing with metals and concrete.

Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

Choosing The Right Cordless Screwdriver

Cordless screwdrivers are very convenient tools to be used because they can be taken anywhere you go where you have projects to work on. There are some things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best cordless screwdriver.


Cordless screwdrivers come in a variety of different sizes. Some are pocket-sized and are meant for minor tasks, while others are larger and meant for more complicated tasks.


The grips on cordless screwdrivers do vary greatly. It is important that you look for a cordless screwdriver that has a good handle grip that is easy to hold onto and makes it simple for you to screw objects. You will want a grip that is comfortable and made of good quality rubber materials will which allow it to last longer. However, some rubber grips will not necessarily keep you from getting shocked, so be careful!


When working with materials like wood you need to go with a cordless screwdriver that has a small motor; an ideal motor would be one that is 3.8 volts. However, if you plan to be working with heavy materials then you will need a motor that is powerful. A cordless screwdriver for heavy tasks should have a motor that is at least 12 to 14.4 volts. If you will be using your cordless screw driver on a regular basis then you will need to buy one with at least 18 volts; which is the strongest motor that you can get.


The battery life on a cordless screwdriver is very important because you will need to choose a cordless screwdriver depending upon how long you need for it to last. If you will be using the cordless screwdriver quite often then you will need a cordless screwdriver that has a long battery life. If you will only need the cordless screwdriver for random projects every once in a while then it is okay to purchase one with an average battery life that you should recharge after each use.


How fast do you need your cordless screwdriver to drill? The fastest ones tend to be the ones with a higher voltage. If you need more control then you might want to choose one that has a lower speed.

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