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Choosing the Right Miter Saw for Your Needs

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Choosing the Right Miter Saw for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Miter Saw for Your Needs

If you do much woodworking at all it will soon be necessary to equip your workshop with a miter saw. While very similar, there are two types of miter saws; the manual and the powered version. The simple manual miter saw is usually clamped into a framework so accurate corner cuts and angles can be consistently made.

Some of the features of power miter saws include a blade guard to protect you since the blade moves at a high speed. Power miter saws generally come with a dust bag for catching the sawdust as you cut. This helps keep the work space cleaner as well as keeping harmful wood particles out of your breathing space. The electric brake is very critical as it will automatically shut the blade off in case of binding or other problems.

Pricing varies greatly between the two saws as well as the number of extra features available. Powered miter saws come in standard compound, sliding, and dual compound forms. With these types of saw you can make a wider range of cuts as well as greater blade selection for speed, accuracy and materials.

A simple manual miter saw, while being much less expensive, is limited to cutting basic angles and not much more. If your cornering needs are simple, you can save quite a bit of money by going with the manual option.

If you choose the power option you also have to be more critical about the blades. Besides size, the style must also be considered. Steel blades are usually best for plywood or regular lumber and are the least expensive blades. High-speed blades are designed for cutting concrete while the carbide-tipped blades are the longest lasting as well as most expensive and can be used on just about any material you may be required to work with.

So determine what use you might have for a miter saw and enjoy adding this useful feature to your woodworking projects.

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