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Constructing An Attic Bathroom

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When one undertakes an attic remodelling plan in order to convert an attic into a usable room, it is important that one constructs a bathroom in that new room. It is easy to add a luxurious touch to the room by constructing a bathroom equipped with a shower. To add to the effect, one can even use a complementary soft colour scheme.

One does not really have to spend too much when constructing bathrooms as a part of attic remodelling. A simple chest of drawers can be used instead of bathroom fittings that are mostly very expensive. Not only will this come cheaper, but it will also lend an organised look to the bathroom. It is best to opt for a wet room style shower as these make effective use of limited space. To save more space in the attic, one can have cupboards that double up as window seats.

But before going ahead with any kind of new construction, it is important to study the plan of the room properly because there are times when a few constructions get risky and dangerous for the house. For example, often there are problems regarding placing a shower under the eaves of the attic. Be sure to use a professional contractor like Avalanche Roofing when dealing with the underside of the roof. Their expertise will prevent any mishaps and will ensure your renovation goes smoothly.

For all the bathroom supplies, it is best to stick to one renowned supplier who has had experience in supplying for wet rooms before. In case one chooses to use wood in the attic bathroom, one must oil them in order to provide protection against water damage. Even the flooring should be done in special wood that has been treated to withstand damage done by water. When it comes to building materials, it is best to stick to either wood or stone. It is a good idea to stick to acrylic eggshell or specially formulated bathroom paints.

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