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Deep Fried Turkey Cooked the Best Way

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Cooking the perfect turkey is quite easy but the best turkey is the deep fried turkey. Here’s the direction as to how you can cook the best tasting deep fried turkey that will be perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving.

First of all, you would want to purchase the plump and the juiciest turkey you could find that’s grass fed or farm-raised. They are smaller in size though but make sure you try to find your way around to find the plump one. These turkeys are not made fatter by feeding them with grain thus they taste a lot better.

Having the right sized turkey now, you’d need the best deep fryer to do the job right. You’d need to pour about 4 bottles of cooking oil in the right sized fryer that can fit your turkey. Make sure you get the oil nice & hot. Here you can then lower your turkey but make sure you’d be very careful as the moment the turkey touches the oil it’s going to splatter then boil over so kids have to be away during this time.

The turkey must be prepared first before deep frying. You can add some salt & pepper and other spices you want. It would taste great if you add garlic and some oregano and perhaps some Cajun or red chili powder to add that extra spice.

The cooking time would take about 30 minutes or so before the turkey gets deep fried. If you’re unsure, check the color of the turkey if it’s already golden brown then it’s ready and cooked. The skin would be very crispy and the meat would be moist and delicious.

If you want to learn about how to use the microwave to reheat your deliciously cooked turkey, you can read some microwave reviews about how it’s done.

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