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DIY Insights For Your Air Conditioner

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When the warm summer turns hot, it may not feel pleasant, especially if your air conditioner isn’t working. So before you begin planning your family cookout or spring cleaning, you may want to consider DIY air conditioning repair and maintenance. That way, your home will be cool and comfortable when the hot weather rolls around. Here are easy things you can perform to help keep your AC in tip-top shape.

Replace air filter

Air filters are designed to keep your air conditioner free from debris and dirt. When your AC is full of dust, its performance is likely to decline. To restore efficiency, you need to replace the air filters. First, turn off the unit at the thermostat. Then, locate your filter – it’s found right before the condenser coils. Open the access panel, remove the old filter, and place a new one in. Turn your unit back on. Replacing the air filter can increase the longevity and improve the performance of your unit.

Clean condensate drain

An air conditioner has in-built pipes. If your AC is not functioning well, then the problem might be clogging in the pipes. Therefore, you have to clean out your condensate drain. First things first, turn your unit off. Locate the primary drain and pull it gently from the unit. Use an air compressor to blow air through the drain. Next, wash the drain using bleach. After cleaning, return the pipe to the unit. Turn the unit back on.

Clean condensing unit

The condensing unit accumulates dirt and other debris. If left dirty for long, your AC unit may break down. Since cleaning a condensing unit is risky, you need to turn the power off in two separate locations: at the thermostat and the circuit breaker. Open the condensing unit and remove the fan. Clean out the dirt and leaves at the bottom of the unit. Using a garden hose, spray the coils. Only use plain water. Soaps, detergents and pressure washers can corrode or damage the coils. Once the unit is spotless, place the fan back in and fit the screws securely.

Clean condenser coils

As usual, turn off your AC unit at the circuit breaker and thermostat. In a bucket, mix water and bleach. Afterward, locate the evaporator coil. If it’s too dusty, vacuum it to remove the top layer of dust. Using a scrub-brush, clean the coil thoroughly. Finish by drying the whole area with some paper towels or an old towel.

Inspect refrigerant lines

After you finish cleaning the AC unit, give it a quick check. Pay attention to refrigerant lines. Make sure the large line is insulated. If it’s deteriorating or cracked, buy refrigerant insulation at a hardware store and fix it.

Check the refrigerant

This task can only be done by a professional HVAC technician. It’s not advisable to handle refrigerant. If your air conditioner keeps freezing up, it’s a sign of low refrigerant. Anyway, your refrigerant should be checked every five years.

Hopefully, you’ve found these DIY air conditioner maintenance tips useful. If anything seems difficult, bring in an air conditioning or fridge repairs company.

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