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The Best DIY Renovation Tips From The Pros

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Planning to renovate or remodel your home? No need to hire expensive subcontractors. Thanks to home builders, these  DIY renovation tips will make your home improvement project a breeze.

Limit the mess

Sometimes major interior demolition is unavoidable. To limit the discomfort and pain this causes, clean up the debris and get rid of it immediately.

Make a list

Always have a pencil and a notebook on hand. Note down all the supplies, materials and tools you need.

Lay down a cover

It’s impossible to paint a ceiling or demolish a wall without making a mess. This mess can damage your furniture and flooring. Canvas drop cloths and garbage bags are the best way to protect your possessions.

Save those buckets

Buckets are a renovator’s best friend. They’re great for storing water, organising fasteners, mixing, dragging tools, hauling heavy debris, setting stuff on and sitting on.

Use garbage cans

Bring at least two garbage cans. Put them where the mess is made – like next to the mitre-saw to drop in cut-offs. Garbage bags are good for stuffing in rubbish and old insulation.

Set up a junk station

Once the major renovation is done, make a junk station. Bring a couple of boards, pieces of plywood and extra sawhorses.

It’s smart to put your fasteners, tools, chargers, batteries, beverages and radio in a central location.

Scattering items all over the place makes clean up harder. And you don’t want to waste time looking for the items you need.

Organise tools per job

Know exactly which tools you’ll require for each job. Organise your storage bins and toolboxes according to the upcoming task.

A box for drywall, electrical, plumbing tools, etc. This will make your work much easier and faster.

Install temporary lighting

Let’s be honest. You can’t do a decent job when you’re operating in the dark. So consider installing temporary lighting.

Bring extra fasteners

Dedicate a toolbox for fasteners. And keep different size screws and a variety of bits. That way, you’ll have the right screw with the right bit.

Small compressors for small jobs

If you have a few pieces of plywood to install and a few studs to nail, consider using a mini compressor instead of a giant, heavy compressor.

Mini compressors are light, portable and inexpensive.

Separate your lumber

Moving timber from one room to another is timewasting. So put the pile of wood somewhere close and accessible.

Pull those nails

Deal with the nails before reusing the lumber. You can pull off the nails or bend them over. This reduces the odds of stepping on a nail.

Fast concrete fastening

Use a concrete screw installation tool. Just drill a hole and sink the screw after slipping the driver shaft on top of the masonry bit.

Make big pieces

Drywall tends to crush into smaller pieces when removed. So don’t pull it super-hard right away. Instead, tug and wiggle it away from the studs.

Park smartly

Strategically place the debris in the trash bin. Don’t toss it carelessly.

Make a plastic passage

Isolate the room you’re renovating using sheets of plastic. The plastic cover prevents dust from spreading into other rooms.

Thanks to Kookaburra Homes for these DIY renovations tips.

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