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Glass Pool Fencing Ideas

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Are you stumped as to what fencing to use? Maybe you have a gorgeous swimming pool you want to be enclosed with fencing, or a great shop, or perhaps you own a trendy bar that needs fencing, and you want it to look smart but different. Have you considered using glass fencing? Glass fencing is exactly what it says – fencing panels made out of glass. This type of fencing is stylish and compliments swimming pools, verandas, entertainment areas for your home or business, gardens and patio areas and stairs and balconies.

What to keep in mind when considering Glass Fencing

•Compliance and council regulations – No matter wherever you decide to have glass fencing fitted, or for whatever reason you choose to have glass fencing fitted, it is very important that you use a glass fence fitter who uses materials that comply with Australian standards.

•Safety issues – Once again, it is very important that you choose a glass fence fitter who complies with safety recommendations when fitting glass fencing and balustrades. Let us say for instance that you have a swimming pool; it is mandatory that you have fencing that encloses your pool fully. This is because of the obvious concerns and dangers associated with swimming pools and children near swimming pools. However, just as important is that your glass fencing fitter is fully aware of the distances your fence should be fitted away from your pool; and the type of glass fencing (glass thickness) and balustrades that are acceptable for glass pool fencing.

•Advice – your glass fence fitter offers you good and reliable advice in line with all safety and compliance regulations. If you are being told that you should only buy the most expensive materials, you should be a little wary. A good glass pool fencing company will give you the rundown of all glass fencing options – regardless of costs. For more information on different fencing options, check out:

Why choose Glass Fencing for your swimming pool enclosures

•Mandatory – it is mandatory for you to house your pool with an enclosure to ensure you comply with health and safety laws.

•Difficult for children to climb – Glass is a very difficult for young children to climb because of the highly polished and sheer surface area.

•Aesthetically pleasing – glass fencing is not only safe and child-friendly, but it is also aesthetically pleasing and allows for uninterrupted views across scenic areas.

•Easy to maintain – Glass pool fencing is easy to maintain and clean and can be kept in tip-top condition by just regularly washing with mild detergent and rinsing with plenty of water.

•Safe – All glass pool fencing must comply with certain standards and must be a certain thickness with a small watermark on the bottom edge of the fencing panel. This is to ensure that the glass adheres to the minimum safety standards and it is super safe in all weather conditions and for children and adults alike.

Glass fencing is a great way to enclose either your pool or other areas in your home or business. Follow these guidelines and not only will your glass fencing look great and be gorgeous and stylish, but it will also be ultra safe for your friends, children and your customers.


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