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Holy Real Estate House Hunting for a House of God

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Which did you put more thought into–the decision on which restaurant you went to last week or the decision on which church you are going to trust with your spiritual well-being for the next several years? You might be surprised at how many people thought more about the restaurant.

Choosing a place of worship is more or less a modern challenge, since in the past people didn’t move around quite so much–they would simply go to the church their parents had gone to. Now, with so many places to choose from and so much movement, choosing where they are going to worship is a decision most people will be faced with.

 Holy Real Estate House Hunting for a House of God

Holy Real Estate House Hunting for a House of God

How to Choose

How exactly does one choose a place of worship, though? Well, assuming that a move does not mean a change of religion, your choices will probably be limited to just a few churches within a reasonable distance from your home. Even with a limited selection, however this highly personal choice is often not an easy one. The best bet is to visit those local churches and compare them. An article in the Huffington Post suggests visiting each contender three times in a short time period to get a fair view what they are like. The article also suggests checking out the websites and blogs of your local churches, as well, to get a feel for the way they operate and what their staff and congregation are like.

What to Look For

Religion is a very personal thing, which makes it difficult to create a set of hard and fast rules about what’s good and what’s not so good about churches you are evaluating. It is possible to create a list of factors that you can look at in each church and you can weigh them in your decision making process based on how important each one is to you personally. ran down a list of potential factors that come in mind when meeting this decision of choosing a new church.

  • While you would expect a church in your denomination to have the same fundamental beliefs, different pastors, ministers or priests interpret those beliefs differently. You might find that the focus is very different from one church to the next, even if they are the same denomination.
  • Some folks come to church looking for “that old time religion” and other want 45 minutes of religious stand-up comedy. Make sure the clergy at your church match what you’re looking for.
  • Churches can be tiny storefronts that seat 15 people or they can be Ed Young-style mega churches. Which you choose depends a lot on how you feel about crowds.
  • Let’s face it, it takes effort to go to church, and sometimes little things like driving distance, parking, nice bathrooms and comfortable pews matter.
  • In the days before television and radio, church actually used to be the main source of entertainment for the populace, with music, dancing and animated and engaging sermons. There is still something to be said for that today (that’s why there’s still a choir and an organ), and some churches just put together a better “show” than others. According to another Huffington Post article, some of those mega churches, like those run by Ed Young or Joel Osteen, are attracting followers because they are so entertaining.
  • It helps to have friends in a church, or at least to generally like the people you meet there. You should definitely talk to the people in the churches you visit and see if you like them.

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