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How To Choose A Summer House

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You can spend hours clicking through the Internet looking at the many different styles and types of garden summerhouses. There are so many options available that is probably better for you to decide why you want a garden summerhouse, what you want to use it for and where in your garden you will place it.

You’re going to be spending a sizeable chunk of your savings or possibly taking out a short-term loan to purchase your new garden summerhouse and it doesn’t make sense to look at cheap summerhouses that might only last you to 3 years when a good quality garden summerhouse will stand tall for decades to come.

 How To Choose A Summer House

How To Choose A Summer House

Your choice of location is important

There’s a clue in the title of the type of room you’re trying to add to your garden. If you truly want to take advantage of a summerhouse, you need to locate it where the sun is going to be able to shine through so that you can use your summer retreat for your own desires.

This in turn, means that you need to locate your garden summerhouse to take advantage of the way the sun moves around your garden so that during the hours you wish to use your garden summerhouse, the sun will be shining brightly.

Sometimes this means you might need to choose a corner summerhouse to fit a perfect location in your garden to take advantage of the sun’s rays or any necessary shading from your oak or birch trees.

Tips for choosing your summerhouse

All gardens have a limited amount of space, but you will still want to locate the largest garden summerhouse you can in your garden, balancing this with your available budget. As long as you stay within the planning permission laws, the biggest garden summerhouse will give you the greatest flexibility over the long-term.

As you look at the many different designs that are available you will need to think about how each would fit into your garden and whether they match your house style as there are many traditional styled garden summer houses on the market and there are many modern designs available to choose from. They will have different sized windows and perhaps many options for glass panel sizes.

When you consider your glazing alternatives, you may be offered an upgrade from the standard package. This is an option you need to consider because cheap summerhouses will often come with the thinnest of glazing as standard and that isn’t particularly useful if children are going to be using the summerhouse to play. If you have the option of upgrading to a form of toughened glass or Perspex, you should allow for that in your budget. Toughened glass shatters into very small pieces which are far less dangerous than the large jagged pieces of standard glazing.

When you’ve decided between a corner summerhouse or one that sits almost in the middle of your garden, don’t forget that they still need to be assembled once they have been delivered to you and if they haven’t been pressure treated you will need to consider how to treat the wood or paint it before or after you put it all together so you can protect your investment from day one.

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