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How to Install Roman Blinds

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Roman blinds are gaining a new popularity when it comes to redecorating homes and offices. The main reasons for this is that they create soft and free flowing shapes in any room along with being incredibly simple to install. You’ll see just how simple it is to install these blinds as you read on.

To begin with, you’ll need to understand exactly what you’re doing and what sort of equipment you’ll need. Typically, these include scissors, screwdriver, drill with bits, tape measure, spirit level and a pencil. It’s also advisable to wear the right sort of protective clothing like safety glasses.

The sort of mounting will, of course, be determined by the surface you’re attaching the blind to. In order to mount the blind to a wood surface, the blind will generally come with the perfect screws to use. However, when mounting them onto plaster or a wall, it’s usually better to use the drill and wall plugs. This gives it a solid fit.

When the preliminary checks are finishes, you can figure out how to best hang the blind. There are generally three methods to do this. These are outside mounting, inside mounting and ceiling mounting. If you choose inside mounting, this will put the blind inside the window casing. The outside mounting will have them sitting outside of the window casing. Obviously, the ceiling mounting will have the blind hanging from the ceiling.

Measuring where the holes need to go is vital to hanging a blind correctly. You can do this by using a tape measure and a pencil. You’ll also need to check how far down the blind drops. You certainly don’t want a blind that’s too short for the window as that’s hardly effective. In addition, if you measure and mark where the blind needs to go, it helps make sure it hangs the right way.

When the Roman blind is installed, you should be able to adjust the height you want it to rest at. This can be done by using the side cords. You just need to make sure that you’ve set the cords so that they function properly but are also safely out of reach from any children or pets you may have.

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