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Tree Care Tips

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How To Keep Trees Healthy And Under Control

Healthy trees make a yard lush. But keeping them strong and healthy without having to garden hours on end is tricky. We’ve unearthed some insider secrets to help you enhance your trees year-round.

Leave Them Alone

Don’t bother your trees all the time. Trees are competent at self-growing. Your well-intentioned intervention often leads to damage. Let your trees be. Give them space to breathe and grow. They’ll thank you by remaining healthy.

Know Your Trees

Each tree species has a “how to” guide for upkeep. Consult a landscaper, gardener or local nursery to learn what your trees really need. Know their seasonal changes, water and sun needs and what hinders their growth.

Free From Debris

Keep the tree’s base free from debris like rotting leaves. Plant remains encourage weed growth and pest attacks. Moisture also accumulates, spreading infection.

Mulch Maintenance

Mulch trees, especially young varieties. Quality mulch keeps weeds at bay and enhances the essentials your foliage relies on – oxygen, temperature, moisture, and soil structure.

Water Wisely

Mature trees don’t need much aid when it comes to soil and water. They’ve sorted that out over the years. But newer species can’t do without tender loving care. A scorching summer calls for irrigation or deep watering.

When a Tree Becomes a Bother

We love big trees, but they’re potential headaches. When does a big tree become a problem and what steps are taken to solve that problem?

Common Issues with Big Trees

They’re planted close to the house or other outdoor structures. As the tree matures, its canopy spreads over the roof. Branches can fall, damaging the roof. Leaves will fall, clogging gutters. Take action as the canopy fills out. When necessary, hire an arborist otherwise known as a tree lopper to trim it back. Tree lopping keeps the tree’s size in check.

A big tree has an invisible root system, which beats the canopy in damage level. As the roots spread, they cause soil subsidence, block and break sewerage pipes, and undermine your home’s foundation. These things often go unnoticed ‘til something serious occurs. Fixing an aftermath of root damage is very expensive. If there’s a big tree near your premises, look for sticking doors, cracks in walls and windows that don’t open smoothly. These are signs that your foundation has been lifted by a tree root or affected by soil subsidence.

Solving Big Tree Problems

There are no do-it-yourself solutions. Hire an arborist to inspect the tree that’s out of control. Arborists can treat diseased trees and perform tree surgery safely. If your tree is too big or its roots are so extensive, tree removal is the answer. Be sure to find the best tree removal services to get the process handled properly.

Many trees are protected and can’t be removed without council approval. A qualified arborist provides a report, which includes a site map, info about the tree, and reasons why the tree must be removed.

Avoid Big Tree Nuisance

No matter how attractive a tree is, its branches and roots are potential perils. A few trees to steer clear of include Jacaranda, Silky Oak and Weeping Figs. An arborist will recommend suitable trees for your rockery.

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