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How to Keep your Snow Blower in Excellent Shape

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The snow blower is highly valuable machinery in anyone’s home and as such, it needs adequate servicing to perform in perfect condition. Always look after it and it will serve you in several winters.

Read on for some simple tips on how to keep your best snow blower in excellent shape.

1. Tires – Make sure the tires have enough thread and pressure. In case of chains, ensure they are in perfect conditions and are properly stored.

2. Two cylinder engine – as such an engine make use of a mixture of gas and oil, keep in mind that the spark plug needs regular replacement.

3. Four cylinder engine – just as with any other engine, this also requires regular servicing and maintenance. Such engines require the change of spark plug, filter and oil. Make sure to check the oil levels before using the snow blower. Usually, for a four cylinder engine you should use 5W-30 oil. It is recommended to keep an adequate stock supply of oil.

4. Scrape bar – examine its current condition. As this is which basically moves the snow, it deteriorates rather quickly and needs to be regularly replaced. The scrape bar should be changed on time as an excessively worn scrape bar will damage your blower’s housing and leas to some serious problems.

5. Rubber paddles – they should be regularly examined along with the rubber on the auger. Make sure that the distance between the housing and augur doesn’t exceed the width of your finger. If there is a larger space, change the rubber for a more efficient run.

6. Belts and bolts – it is important to check the bolts, belts and all moving parts. It is quite frequent for bolts to become loose or worn during the summer, while belts might crack or become frayed. You might also need to tighten the belts. Read the owner’s manual and always follow the safety guidelines.

7. Drive and chassis – it is absolutely vital to properly lubricate the drive and chassis. In the case of a two stage snow blower, check the owner’s manual for the exact type of your snow blower and for the type of lubricant recommended by the manufacturer.

8. Fuel – the best thing you could do for your snow blower is not to leave any fuel in the fuel from the previous winter. You should siphon off any old gasoline left in the tank and fill it up with fresh fuel. Methanol should also be added to the gasoline at a few months interval to prevent the freezing of your carburetor.

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