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Ideas for Decorating a Child’s Room

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Decorating a child’s room encompasses many ideas and themes. Creative color play to suit certain moods and ambiences is important so your child is ‘taught’ early to appreciate tranquil surroundings. As a rule, normal nurseries or a child’s room should not be painted in garish colors like red or black, unless you are raising a Goth offspring.

Many elements can be incorporated to make a child’s room breezy and pleasing to the eyes. One such way is the creative use of the much-loved teddy bear.

Teddy bears are usually soft toys stuffed with cotton and are sewn with soft fur. tHis cuddly toy as a continuing type of a stuffed animal across the world,; its primary function to amuse children.

It is interesting to note that the term teddy bear was derived from one of America’s President, Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was ‘Teddy’. In 1902, President Roosevelt was accorded a bear-hunting trip courtesy of Mississippi’s Governor Andrew H. Longino. The President refused to kill the cornered bear, deeming it inhumane. This incident resulted in a political cartoon rendered by Clifford Berryman of the Washington Post, immortalizing President Roosevelt as ‘Teddy’ and creating a craze for similar-looking bears around the world.

Collectible teddy bear bring about a charismatic aura for all age groups. Young children treat their teddy bears as their ‘security blanket’, older ones perceive bears as majestic and to be admired and adults take pleasure in pastoral matters, to create their home’s decor.

However, many parents tend to exaggerate and inundate teddy bears in the whole child’s room, floors and ceilings of images in various dispositions. The final outcome can become quite overwhelming, the child in question might end up wake up screaming in the middle of the night (given their naturally vivid imagination).

Here are some good tips on decorating your child’s room tastefully and earning yourself a spot in Home Digest. A teddy bear theme can work wonders when using it as bigger elements such as bedding and walls. As for the rest of the room, progress in moderation.

Foe wall paper and borders do not plaster pictures of teddy bears everywhere as the room will appear cluttered. A classy and elegant approach is to paint on a pastel shade and using silk screen transfers, align the borders with a multitude of teddy bears in various activities, sleeping, laughing playing or running. Other options include bears riding minute bicycles, fishing with glee, performing juggling acts or even bear cubs aharing stories around a campfire.

For the cot or bed, purchase bedding with happy teddy bear faces snoozing or reading bed-time stories. Pictures of teddy bears wrapped under covers with little night caps on may also be wonderful additions. Buy sheets which are in solid colors and keep the thematic bears for duvets and bed spreads.

For windows, fashion drapes with tiny bears at the borders, or one large bear print on the sides. You can also get curtain rods and brackets with teddy bear closures. Alternatively, the rods themselves can be painted with bear insignias.

Coat racks, rocking chairs and picture frames can all be tastefully embellished with engravings of teddy bears. Even the floors can have teddy bear characters emblazons in corners. To maintain visual sanity, do not go overboard and plaster teddy bear memorabilia from floor to ceiling.

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