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Lighten up your Bedroom this New Year

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Difficulty sleeping? A restless nights sleep? Waking up feeling lethargic and un-refreshed? Then a bedroom revamp is in order to give the New Year a kick-start and brighten up the corners of what is often the most neglected room in the house.

While often low down on the list of priorities for home improvement, it is amazing what a little love and care to the bedroom can do to a good night’s sleep. In paying more attention to the rooms where the days are spent and rooms that visitors will see, the most essential room in the house is neglected! Wake up feeling fighting fit and make 2013 the year when dreams come true

Lighten up your Bedroom this New Year

Lighten up your Bedroom this New Year

Here are a few tips to help lighten up a dreary bedroom:

Dark colours absorb light and light colours reflect light, so lightening the walls is step one in brightening up the day. Soft whites, pastel orange or pinks and cool blues will all help to make the room feel bigger and more airy. A small change can make a significant difference.

Keep the windows clear to allow as much light in as possible during the day. Curtains that tie back are ideal for this, although for the long light months of summer a dark roller blind can aid sleep! Keep the room well aired by leaving the window ajar whenever possible. Why pay for summer air-fresheners when it’s all there outside and free? A well-ventilated room can have huge benefits to health as well as hygiene. Don’t spend all night asleep in a stuffy room if it can be helped with a little help from Mother Nature.

Keeping the amount of clutter to a minimum will not only help when cleaning and dusting the bedroom, it also creates a more tranquil feeling environment with less distractions and ‘to do’ jobs. Choosing one large picture or adding an ornate mirror to the wall will create a wider and more spacious look than having several ornaments and knick-knacks on every surface collecting dust! The bedroom should be a retreat to relax and unwind in and it is easy to create a summery spacious feel with a little imagination and downscaling of clutter.

Try to avoid furniture that is dark and heavy. A static bedroom can sometimes feel restrictive and claustrophobic. Keep an air of spontaneity available and minimise any objects that are impending or distracting. An often-overlooked item in the bedroom is the bed. Pay close attention to the bed and check that it is not the bed that is interfering with sleep patterns. A mattress should be firm but not hard and hug the contours of your shape when laid down. It should never be saggy!

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