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Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

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Having your air conditioning system maintained regularly can bring many benefits. It helps the unit operate more efficiently and consume less electricity, thus reducing your energy bills. More importantly, these tasks can allow your house to stay cool during the hot days and prevent serious breakdowns. Here are five things you can do to keep your AC unit in the best condition.

1. Replace or Clean the Air Filter

One of the most effective maintenance tasks for an air conditioner is to clean or replace the air filter. You should perform it on a monthly basis in summer and winter or once per year during the spring and fall. The air filter is typically located:

  • At the top, bottom or side of the furnace
  • In the blower of the furnace or air handler
  • Behind the air grille in the central room

When the air filter gets full of allergen components, dirt or dust, the flow of air would decrease, thus making your unit run harder than usual. Also, it might cause some asthma and allergy symptoms for those living in the house.

2. Check Parts and Wiring

Before starting, always turn the power off by disconnecting the main breaker or the outdoor unit. Then, remove its access panel on the condensing unit and check if there is any sign of overheating such as burned-looking wires and melted insulation. Also, make sure that all electrical connections are tight. If you have a test meter, consider checking its capacitors. If you notice any of these issues, contact an HVAC technician on

3. Examine the Thermostat

Check the thermostat to ensure it is working correctly and keeping your house cool at all times. If your unit is old, it’s better to upgrade to a smart model, which enables you to set the right temperature at scheduled times. As a result, you would save a lot of money on the utility bills.

4. Check the Fan

Turn off the power and examine the fan located on the condenser unit to ensure that it is still running properly. If you notice any chips or cracks in the blades, replace these parts immediately. If your air conditioning system is old, it is essential to oil the fan motor bearings frequently to keep them in the best condition.

5. Clean the Outside

Over time, grass clippings, dirt, leaves and other components will accumulate on the exterior area of your AC system and reduce its cooling capacity. In these cases, it is advisable to clean the outside to enhance the air flow. After turning the power off, wash out the dirt with a hose from top to bottom. Be careful not to damage or bend the delicate fins. Also, it is a good idea to trim any plants or shrubs growing around the air conditioning unit to keep them from impeding the air flow coming to and from the system.

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