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Proven Ways to Maintain Your Roof

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Your roof isn’t just a structure. It’s a champ. It prevents leaks, beats the heat and withstands snow and hail. Every day, your roof faces fluctuating temperatures and raging elements but, as a humble servant, it keeps your family and possessions safe. Sooner or later, without adequate maintenance, mould, leaks and debris could damage your roof.

Perform a Full Evaluation

How old is your roof? What materials is it made of? Has it ever been damaged? Where? Who did the repairs? When? Knowing the age, status and maintenance history of your roof is important. Older roofs are prone to mould, cracking and rusting. New roofs don’t harbour profound issues, but they’re not immune to leaks and cracks. Some roofing materials – metal and slate – are more durable than others – asphalt and wood. Past issues can be symptoms of future problems. And certain repairs may affect your roof in the long run.

Clear Away Debris

According to Above All Roofing in Canberra, strong winds, a barrage of hail and lots of snow can burden your roof. For your roof to fight such elements, it must be clean. The first step is removing debris from your gutters and valleys. Clogged gutters impede draining, leading to leaks and rust. Due to poor drainage and excessive dirt, the integrity of your gutters is put in jeopardy. To prevent damage, clear the rubbish that adds unnecessary weight to your roof and causes pooling of snow and rainwater. You can clear debris by hand, with a soft brush or using a leaf blower. Don’t apply excessive pressure as it can scrape your roof.

Remove any Moss

Moss thrives in wet and humid climates. If your roof has a hard surface and is in the shade, it’s the perfect setting for moss growth. When moss penetrates beneath your shingles, your roof is at risk. Excess growth often curls and lifts your shingles. Bent shingles allow rainwater to seep in and are susceptible to strong winds. Your roof is likely to collapse if you do nothing to control the growth of moss. There are several roof cleaning products on the market. These products break down moss. Apply the chemical to your roof and let it perform its work. Now brush away the remnants or let the rain wash the mess away.

Don’t Neglect Your Attic

What better way to increase the longevity and health of your roof than maintaining your attic?  In your attic, it’s easy to spot certain issues like leaking. Pay attention to dark spots as these are the early signs of a leak. Look for other kinds of exposure, especially holes. Tiny gaps in your garret and ceiling let sunshine and rainwater enter your house. Insulating your attic prevents leaks and heat loss during winter.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Hire a roofing expert to check your roof. Roofers know the finer details of roofing: structure, damage, repair, maintenance, etc. They know what to look for, and when a problem is found, determine its cause and provide an immediate solution. To make it short and sweet, roofers are like your roof’s “guardian angel”.

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