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Tricks To Minimize Roofing Costs

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If you own a business or a home, you are going to incur some roofing costs. It is something you have to anticipate and plan for no matter how perfect the roof is. Over time, the roof will get old and wear out. Eventually, a typhoon will damage your roof. So how can you minimize these costs without affecting the quality of your roof?

Think lifespan

Many people try to save money by choosing cheap roof materials. Asphalt requires a lower investment than, say, slate. However, it has the shortest lifespan and is more prone to storm damage. You are not really saving if you have to repair the roof often or replace it within 15- 20 years. You save a lot more down the line by installing a slate roof with a 50-100 year lifespan. With slate, you pay for a single roof, and with asphalt, you pay for 2 to 3 roofs within the same period.

Keep the entire system clean

Your roof is part of a water shedding system that works to protect the whole house. This system includes fascia, soffits and gutters. Dirty gutters full of leaves and debris restrict drainage. When the water floods on your roof, it works its way under the shingles, causing a leak. To prevent leaks, clean up the debris and leaves. Failure to do so, puddles will form on the roof and find their way into the house eventually.

Keep branches trimmed

Branches can break and fall on your roof, triggering a lot of damage. Storms can also move branches back-and-forth across your roof. These giant “scrub brushes” will break the tiles, erode the roofing granules or reduce the shingle’s lifespan and effectiveness. You can avoid this by trimming trees around your property.

Get roof inspections

Inspecting your roof regularly and after every storm is worthwhile. It enables you to locate problems and fix them before they develop and create huge trouble. Consider this – a $500 repair is easier to swallow than a $5000 replacement. Regular inspections can vastly reduce replacement costs and improve your roof’s lifespan.

Go green

Green roofs are very eco-friendly and energy efficient. Live plants planted on the rooftop give good aesthetics and achieve insulation at a lower cost. Low maintenance plants like Sedum make your roof notable and sustainable. To improve aesthetics, grow different varieties with different textures and shades. This ensures you get the insulation and beauty you desire while saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

Eco Roof







Use reliable roofers

Only hire a roof restoration company that obeys the state codes and ordinances. Working with an unlicensed contractor can cost you thousands of dollars in terms of roof quality, future repairs or replacements, and even fines. Beware of contractors with no insurance. If any damage occurs, the burden will fall squarely on you or your homeowner’s policy. If any injury happens, anticipate lawsuits and hospital bills.

With correct installation, proper maintenance and regular inspections, you can keep roofing expenses under control. Save even more cash on roofing projects by selecting the right roofer.

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