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Tips on Maintaining a Paint Sprayer Gun

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Surface painting is a lot easier with the use of airless paint sprayers which is why contractors for projects on industries and chemical facilities are using it. It’s a very versatile tool that it can also be used to stain and for other paint purposes.

The pressure of the gun allows for better penetration of the paint even on those hard to reach places like crevices and pits. With a paint sprayer you don’t need to make several coats because it produces a uniform and thick coat of paint on any surface.

Tips on Maintaining a Paint Sprayer Gun

Tips on Maintaining a Paint Sprayer Gun

The airless paint sprayer paint requires less use of thinner thus you are reducing the amount of released solvent to the environment. It’s also quite easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or repairs. But just in case you run into trouble with your sprayer, here are just a few tips on how to troubleshoot the problem.

If it’s an engine problem, turn the switch on and make sure its tank is full. If the spark plug is damaged, replace it or remove it and clean it up but make sure that the shut off lever is turned to its on position then try starting it up again.

Displacement Pump problem. Switch it on and check if the engine is working fine but the pump’s not. Turn the knob for adjustment and turn it clockwise for pressure. Fluid filter must be checked as well as the tip filter then clean it if you see it’s clogged.

Low Pump volume problem. If the output is low, raise the pressure a bit. Also clean your fluid filter. Check if it’s clogged. Check the size and length of your hose to improve performance.

Simple suggestions in maintaining paint sprayers by making sure you keep it clean. Flush its pumping system right after using. You can use mineral spirits or other cleaners that the manufacturer recommend in keeping each moving parts well lubricated.

Flush the pump to remove the paint before winter to avoid cracking. Whenever you see signs of parts suffering from wear and tear, replace them right away. Clean the filter and inspect all parts. You will learn more about how to maintain your paint sprayer through the manufacturer or from the manual. Ask a repair maintenance from your area and ask for more tips.

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