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Carpet Installation Made Easy

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Tips That Take The Hassle Out Of Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is deceiving. From a DIYer’s perspective, it looks no more difficult than leveling the carpet, tacking it down and brushing it up. But there’s a good reason why pro carpet installers exist like Dober Carpet Installation. If you’re installing carpet yourself, here are tips to do it right. For more skill, learn how to lay carpet.

Prep Before you Start Carpeting

  • Moving Furniture: A heavy-duty task, but with a handyman at your service, you can make quick work of it.
  • Removal and Disposal of Old Carpet: Installing carpet over carpet isn’t a good idea. Instead, pull up and throw out the existing carpet. Such work can be frustrating and backbreaking, but you can pay someone to do it.
  • Sub-Floor Preparation and Levelling: Small areas can be leveled with a self-leveling compound. Prepping large areas can be expensive as carpentry work is involved.
  • Stair Installation: Not everyone has stairs. Even those who have stairs don’t always carpet them. Carpeting your stairs does prevent slips and falls.

Buy Regular Shop Tools and Rent Special Ones

Carpet-specific tools should be borrowed or rented: a seam iron, knee kicker and power stretcher. Buying these tools only to use them once is expensive. Other tools you can buy from a store: tape, hammer, tin-snips, snap-line, utility knife and a stapler.

Installation is Impossible without a Carpet Stretcher

You can try but expect a terrible look. Lumps and wrinkles will quickly form. If you’re not prepared to use a carpet stretcher, consider hiring a carpet installer. 90% of the job is stretching, and carpet installers are good at that.

The direction of the Carpet Pile

If your carpet is patterned, you can seam it in any combination. As for non-patterned carpeting, detect the carpet pile direction by looking at it from various angles in strong light. Keep the carpet-pile consistent from piece-to-piece.

Avoid Placing Tackless Strips against the Wall

The temptation is shoving tackless strips against the wall or baseboard which you shouldn’t do. You need extra space to squeeze the carpet thru. Guestimate the gap this way: first, trim the tuft. If it’s the exact carpet thickness, the carpet may come off. By making the gap narrower than the pile height, the mat snugs in there nice ‘n’ tight.

For Patterned Carpet, Buy Extra

Waste materials need be cut away to mate together two patterned carpet pieces. The larger the pattern, the more waste you’ll have.

No Padding on the Tackless Strips

OK, this isn’t so much a “tip” as it’s a hard-and-fast rule. You don’t lay the padding over tackless strips. Keep the pad within the perimeter of the strips. Padding should touch, not overlap the edge of the strips. If the padding overlaps, you will have a fat lump around the carpet’s edge – not very attractive.

Carpet Installation by the Pros

If installing your own carpet feels like hard, intricate work, turn to the pros. Equipped and experienced, carpet installers work better and faster than DIYers. Beware of low-cost installation – the carpet may not be installed properly.

After installation make sure to call Hen’s Dry Los Angeles if you spill anything or just want to freshen up.

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