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Tools You Should Own In Your Garden Shed

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It’s Murphy’s Law that whatever specialised tools you need to complete the job in your house or out in your garden, you can bet that you don’t have the tool available or at hand, but you know it’ll be sat in the local garden centre, on the shelf waiting for you to come and buy it.

Nevertheless, you can avoid most of those situations by providing yourself with a basic garden tool set which you can keep, use and adapt in your garden shed.

Tools You Should Own In Your Garden Shed

Tools You Should Own In Your Garden Shed

Within your garden tool storage, there is a small range of tools you should own, that won’t cost you too much and most of them will last you a lifetime if you keep them clean and well maintained.

Completing your garden tool storage

When your cash flow and budget is tight, you don’t have to rush out and buy all of the tools that you’re going to need the day you move into your new home. You can gradually buy the tools perhaps one or two every other week so that your bank account doesn’t feel an immediate pain.

You can treat your tools as an investment because it means you will be able to carry out work in your home and garden without employing and paying other people to do the work for you.

People often buy cheap tools and store them in their garden sheds. This is usually quite short sighted as even cheap screwdrivers might last you less than a year, so it makes sense to buy quality tools from the best brands and manufacturers.

Some power tools and probably a cordless lawnmower will be included within your basic tool list.

Compiling your tool collection

Apart from the larger items that won’t fit in a toolbox, like your cordless lawnmower, you will need to purchase a decent toolbox that will save you a lot of time and effort because it will keep all of your tools together and available when you need them. It helps move them around your home and garden without dropping, losing or damaging any of them and it also provides a first level of keeping them clean and tidy. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching an entire garden shed for a particular screwdriver, when you could have kept it in a simple toolbox, all along.

Amongst the first tools you’ll need, will be a decent hammer, preferably with a steel shaft rather than a wooden shaft. It should have a vibration dampening rubber grip and a 16 ounce model will work well for most people. The addition of a rip claw will help you remove nails where they aren’t required.

Vice grips from the size of pliers right up to a grip to fit on your countertop are always useful for holding items whilst you work on them, because most of us only have two hands when 3 are often necessary.

A combination of flathead and Phillips screwdrivers will probably be your most worked tools. Those with magnetic heads come in very useful to hold screws, but this will still be manual work unless you purchase cordless electric screwdrivers, which, of course, will be out of power the moment you need them.

Wire cutters, separate or perhaps as part of your pliers will always be required for any electrical work and will prove as useful as keeping a good tape measure at hand. A utility knife and a small handsaw will make up your set.

Only the addition of safety glasses will be required to ensure you work safely in your garden shed and out in your garden; a great place to combine your garden tool storage.

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