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Top Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

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Are rodents and insects in your home? Do you know the best ways to keep these pests out?

A single mosquito can cause you sleepless nights. Rats can eat up your breakfast. Termites can devour your entire foundation. And safari ants can eat you alive. That’s how scary and destructive pests are.

Take the offence or else go on the defence.

Eliminating conditions that appeal to pests makes your home livable again. Your aim is to reduce the pests feeding, harbouring and breeding in-and-around your home.


Plants and Mulch

Trim shrubs and trees near your house. Long branches act a pest “bridges”. Mulch, like pine straw and wood chips, provides shelter to pests. Replace this pest-attractive ground cover with rocks or stones.

Doors and Windows

Repair broke or bent windows and doors, and those that don’t fit well.  And fix tears or rips in screens. Because pests wiggle through gaps and cracks, use a mesh to seal crevices. Meshes are available at hardware stores.

Cracks and Gaps

Inspect your home’s exterior for crevices. Check for loose siding, foundation cracks and missing roof shingles. Utility lines are no exception. Pests could enter your house through gaps around pipes, TV cables and electric wires. Seal all openings with mortar, sheet metal, copper mesh or coarse steel wool. Caulk isn’t ideal because certain pests can gnaw through it.

Trash and Litter

Keep yards, garages, patios and decks free of clutter, weeds and stagnant water. Close dustbins with tight-fitting lids and clean the trash area to remove spills and debris. Pests tend to feed on leftovers and hide in newspapers.


Replace vapour lights with halogen lights. Bulbs that have orange, yellow or pink tints are less attractive to flying insects. Placing lights on walls or near doors is common, but it’s better to put them farther away. This reduces moths around windows and doors. Use pole lights if possible.

Interior Gaps

Some crevices are only visible from inside your house. Check inside, beneath and behind stoves, refrigerators and kitchen cabinets. Inspect pipes and vents and look between the wall and floor juncture. Seal any cracks found.


Sinks and pipes accumulate debris and gunk which can attract pests. Since dirty drains provide a good breeding ground for mosquitoes and small flies, inspect and clean them. Do the same for sinks, tubs, basement and laundry room.

Recycle Items

Dump recyclables – soda cans and plastic shopping bags – outside or away from your house. Or else, rinse all containers and cover your trash can with a tight-fitting lid. Clean your litterbin frequently and make sure it’s rodent proof.

Store Foods

Put food in a plastic container or resealable bag. Open boxes and bags can attract pantry pests that overrun the kitchen. Clean out uneaten or stale food to reduce attractants. Cover sugar pots to prevent an ant-invasion.


A clean home is a pest-free home. Sweep your floors, dust your cabinets and wipe your counters. Now you don’t have to pull out a can of repellents.

If pest issues persist, contact an expert termite control Melbourne specialist such as Amazon Pest Exterminators.

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