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Using Your Airconditioning Cairns Unit More Effectively

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During the hot summer months, we run our air conditioners every hour of the day. When there are high temperatures, the efficiency of an air conditioning system drops dramatically. Learning how to use your AC unit effectively ensures it runs more efficiently while reducing your energy bills. Here are some tips from in Cairns for saving on air conditioning.

Leave The Thermostat Alone

Most people leave their air conditioning system at the recommended temperature of 26 degrees Celcius. Others set the temperature higher especially when no one is in the house which is okay. But it is wrong to lower the temperature below 26 degrees Celsius to cool your home faster. An air conditioner cools at the same rate regardless of the temperature it is set. Adjusting the temperature level to 21 degrees Celcius does not promote faster cooling.

Keep The Curtains Closed

Although natural light helps reduce lighting costs, it is best to close curtains during the day, especially in unoccupied rooms. This mostly applies for buildings whose windows face East or West. Preventing direct sunlight from entering your house not only minimises the workload on your air conditioning unit but also makes it more efficient. To improve the cooling effect, open all blinds or drapes in the evening to ensure heat escapes through the windows.

Turn On The Fan

If you live in a temperate region, turning off the air conditioner and letting ceiling or tabletop fans cool your house can increase your energy savings significantly. Fans use relatively less energy compared to air conditioners. If you live in the tropics, fans can provide a cool breeze at night which saves a great deal of energy.

Get Rid Of Hot Air

Using an exhaust fan in your kitchen helps expel hot air from your house especially when cooking. A floor fan is also an excellent alternative for cooling your kitchen if you do not have an exhaust  fan. Fans will help move hot air from your kitchen and promote the circulation of fresh air indoors. Tasks that heat your house, such as running the clothes dryer or dishwasher, are best suited for evening hours or when nobody’s home.

Make Use Of A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier makes your house feel more comfortable especially when temperatures rise. A less humid room fitted with fans enables you to set the thermostat above 26 degrees Celcius, thus increasing your energy savings.

Shade Your Air Conditioner

The ideal location for an AC unit is the north side of your house. While this may not be practical in every home setting, there are other ways of achieving shade. Landscaping is one such efficient way. You can plant trees or shrubs around your air conditioner to block direct sun rays.

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