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Weekend Home Improvement Adventure and Safety Tips

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The weekend comes and a new home improvement project is raring to go. For the more ambitious DIYers, no undertaking is too much. The smartest, however, take the time to factor in safety considerations with all they do in an effort to increase the value and usability of their homes as a result of their projects.

One of the overriding factors of satisfied home ownership is the pride one attains from successful completion of a project designed to add comfort and style to one’s life. Safety of body, and property need not be the paramount concern for most projects, however, complete disregard for one’s well being is sure to spell disaster at some level.

The following list provides some general safety considerations adequate for most projects as well as a few items which should be in place for special adventures. Bear in mind that many of the tools and supplies required for a specific safety application tend to be good in other ways as well.

Safety Tips For the Avid Home Improvement DIYer

  • Quality Tools: The most expensive tool on the market is not necessarily the safest, however the cheapest available tend to rank as the most unsafe. Finding top quality tools an sale or other special pricing can be the best way to ensure the implements one requires to do a job are of the best quality. Name brand companies and shops that stand behind what they sell should be sought after anytime one buys new tools for home improvement projects.
  • Safe Guards Are There For a Reason: If the manufacturer has implemented a safety feature, chances are that tool requires it. Removing such protections increase the likelihood of injuries resulting from the use of that modified tool.
  • Learn Proper Use: Tools are designed to be used in very specific ways. Though it may be tempting to use the nearest tool to do a quick, “easy” job, it might not be the safest choice. Undue stress on a tool can cause its destruction and consequently have irreparable effects on the user.
  • Eye Protection: Various home projects most certainly require one to wear eye protection in order to prevent debris from entering the eyeball at high speed. Even shrapnel or wood slivers can cause damage to the side of one’s head if wrap around eye protection is not worn.
  • Ear Protection: The use of power tools generating high decibels of sound can cause lasting or permanent damage to one’s hearing. Power saws, shop vacs, sanders, drills, chain saws, etc. all have the ability to increase the chances of one having challenges with their hearing if used without ear guards.
  • Head Protection: Don’t forget the top of the head. Hard hats may be thought of as only being used in professional construction, but the reality is that many home improvement projects require they be worn. A project in which something overhead might fall upon one’s head should most definitely include the wearing of a quality hard hat. Even vertical projects or one’s where the use of power tools could launch a projectile into the air are all candidates for protecting the head with a hard hat.

Home improvement should always be fun, interesting and an exciting way to spend time around the house. The few extra moments, and usually very little extra cost of including proper safety equipment these projects require should help ensure the success of the undertaking as well as the maintenance of one’s health and well being.

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