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Preparing For Termite Control

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What To Do Before A Termite Controller Works On Your Home

Termite know-how can help homeowners detect infestation and undertake control, but it’s recommended that termite inspection and elimination be left to expert pest controllers. There are different termite species and different techniques to control each. For instance, subterranean termites nest below or near the ground, but dry-wood termites nest above the ground.

Homeowners need to prepare for termite control, especially fumigation and termiticide injection. Before performing any service, a professional pest controller will provide you with a list of preparation activities. (Prior to purchasing and using self-treatment or over-the-counter pesticides, read and follow the label directions.)

Because poor preparation or lack of it could make a treatment unsafe or result in reinfestation, many pest control pros won’t treat areas that aren’t prepped to specifications.

Termiticide Injection

Treatment involves drilling holes through the concrete floor to treat the soil beneath it. Therefore, plan to be away from home for much of the day. Your pest control expert will tell you the specific timeframe.

Before service, an inspection is done, noting the affected areas. In such areas, move all appliances and furniture away from the wall. Also, remove breakable items from cabinets and tables, so nothing’s knocked over.

If closets need attention, cover or remove all clothes, since drilling spreads dust. On a rainy or snowy day, treatment can’t take place. It’ll be rescheduled, and your pest control professional will provide more info on this.


Fumigation is the use of lethal gas to eliminate insects from a structure. Preparation for termite fumigation is lengthy.

Plan to stay elsewhere for up to 4 days. Fumigation is held for 16 to 30 hours; then the structure is aerated for more than 12 hours. Never try to reoccupy your home ‘til the fumigator confirms it’s safe for re-entry.

Remove every living thing from the house before fumigation. This means pets, kids, fish and plants. Still, don’t leave any food and medicines inside the house. Cut back outdoor perimeter plants to allow access to exterior walls. Water the ground around your home for the fumigant to penetrate the soil.

For the fumigant to reach every part, ensure that all rooms, cabinets and closets are open. Remove antennas, weather vanes and chimney caps for complete tarp sealing. Fence boards may be removed to seal the tarp to the ground.

If pillows, mattresses and box springs are encased in permanent, waterproof covers, remove them. The cover can be removed if it’s detachable. Turn off all gas flames and pilot lights.

Termite Service

A lot goes into finding and hiring a termite control company. Large firms tend to charge more for usual services. Small companies may offer a low price but the service may be substandard. Be prepared to ask these questions during your first meeting with a potential firm. Ask your neighbours who they hire and whether they’d recommend them. Choose a company that you’re comfortable with, like termites in Adelaide. More resources on the business, click here.

Get an estimate before you sign the contract. Ask questions about termites and how your home will be treated. For additional info on the company, check their website.

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