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Why Painting Won’t Remove Odors In Your House

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When moving into a new home that may have previously had pets, it can be very hard to remove that kind of odor. Some perspective homeowners think that they can mask the odors within the floors and walls by painting over them or applying some kind of sealing chemical. However, this is not true and won’t work.

Sealers are created to block the appearance of stains, not horrid odors. Paint has a better chance of dulling the odor, but you can’t rely on that alone to kill it completely. If you want to rid your home of odors completely, then here’s what you do for the two most common offenders.

• Tobacco Smells:
If your home reeks of tobacco, the way to properly remove it is by using tri-sodium phosphate on the walls and ceiling of the affected room. The rest can be taken care of with a small bag of chlorine dioxide.

• Urine Odors:
For this smell, you can use sheet flooring to seal in the odors. If water vapors can’t get to the area of dried urine, then the smell cannot spread. However, this method is the most effective on concrete floors, rather than wooden ones.

There are odor killers out there that are much more effective than these traditional methods. If you look online, you are sure to learn all you could ever learn about odor removal and products offered for a reasonable price. While online, you can also look into getting a new Paint Zoom for sale.

If you decide to nullify the odor with paint, you can try some Paint Zoom troubleshooting for those nasty smells. It’s as effective as regular painting, but much quicker.

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